It is the power or power that is given or assumed by one or more natural or legal persons to perform a certain duty or responsibility.


From the point of view of company, project or business refers to the future being of the entity in progress, the way it looks in a short, medium and long term. In other words, what you expect to be as a person, group or community of people or entities grouped under the same flag, color or motto.


It is linked to the existential "being" that forms the essence itself and qualities of an entity in itself. They are the tangible attributes that identify the being under study. The being can be understood as: companies, people, groups, communities, religions or countries.


Legitimacy from a formal point of view, which includes those who are legally, legally and normatively recognized by the laws, regulations and regulatory institutions of legal or legal obligations between groups, companies or individuals.


Professional is that perspona or group member of a profession; is a natural or legal person whose life purpose is specified through the practice of a specific work activity.


In administrative or organizational theory, the proactivity or proactive attitude of individuals or organizations refers to anticipatory behavior, change-oriented and self-initiated in various situations.

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